The Baby Packer

A Better Way

  • No longer will you have to carry a bulky contraption for your little one to have a place to sleep and play. 
  • Now there is a Better option.  Now you can easily pack a safe and comfortable play/sleep area for your little one in your pack and still have room for a rope, rack, harness and shoes. You can now carry a tent, food, sleeping bag, and a portable crib and have an area for you bundle of joy to play while you set up camp. 
  • I’m a nurse, mother, climber, and hiker. I was frustrated with the lack of options when I would hike or climb. It just didn’t all fit. So I teamed up with my engineer husband and designed a better option. Enter the Baby Packer.
  • Coming December 2019. Now moms, dads, grandparents and friends can take little ones to their favorite places while having a safe, comfortable place for the next generation to witness all the possibilities of what’s possible. 

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